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new! 10 october 2000

most recent revise 4 July 2001

Instructions, sketchy in the past, on how to enhance your own xpl programs, old or new, by making them !xyWise modules are extensive in the new _myWiz.doc.

No matter how diligently you try to impose structure, xpl is doomed to be spaghetti code, but this disorderly script language that penalizes the use of whitespace does accommodate libraries of procedures--tools common in compiled and interpreted high-level languages. Documentation bundled as xplWise is intended to help you use !xyWise libraries with your own xpl, old or new.

xplWise's _xyWise.ref reference breaks down to the smallest units the intricately integrated array of resources that form !xyWise and !OutBack. Instructions in _myWiz.doc explain how to integrate your new or existing pgms into !xyWiz's modular system; !my.mod is a set of templates that help get you started. !xyWise must be memory-resident, but eliminates the need for conventional ldpms. With &C and Frame $P present you can convert most ldpms to conventional xpl, reducing memory overhead.

Knowing that func BC replacement &C precedes a run command lets you allow a program or .kbd macro to overwrite the CMline confident that tiny ldpm &C has created four wannabe «va$xx»s the pgm or Frame $P can use to restore the prelaunch state: unbroken CMline content, CMline cursor position, CMline/text cursor location, and ToggleInsert state. Procedures in the !xyWise libraries form &C and collect the variables. Pgms often don't need all four variables for prelaunch-state restoration at exit. But any or all of the xyWrite 3 lost 4 may be crucial to a pgm during its run. Procs in the !xyWise libraries put the variables to work in !xyWiz modules, and with the support of xplWise and _myWiz.doc can do the same in your xpl pgms.

Func XC replacement $X not only launches a Help frame or runs a !pgm, it runs !.LIB, which puts basic runtime resources at the disposal of the !pgm. Other !xyWise *.LIB put oft-used procedures at your fingertips with a «pvNN» instruction after the pgm runs a library, shortening pgms and making them--laughable as the notion is when the language is xpl--a bit cleaner. !CONFIG.LIB is a startup.int extension that loads the !xyWise overlay and contains a session-continuity shutdown proc too. !$.LIB is a collection of string manipulation procs. !PR3.LIB writes small printer drivers on the fly and swaps them and other drivers. !O.LIB contains procs related to file opening and closing, including the eof proc that manages !O.LIB assistant FizFix1A.exe. In addition to redressing one of the few ways xyWrite 3 shows its age--detecting and deleting unwanted dos hex 1A eof markers wherever they occur--FizFix1A generates the file size variable XyQuest forgot (as well as kinda nifty xpl reports on its own activities you'll never see because they self-consume when the eof proc runs them).

These libraries that inhabit memory only while a program runs spare permanent memory the constant burden their >46k collective size would present as Help frames. But Help Frame $3, a <1800-byte procedures library, is vital to !xyWise and the !OutBack archives, which also use three other frames totaling <800 bytes; $P and $X are small Help frames, and other !xyWise components use three frames, each <200 bytes.

xplWise's _xyWise.ref details each !xyWise procedure in each library, listing size, required arguments, variables used, the value the proc returns, and a terse description. You may consider !xyWiz--essentials that streamline xyWrite 3--and the !xyWiz Web assistant !xyWWWiz xplWise demos.

Compass: The table of contents at the end of each linked page at this site lets you shift laterally to other local pages, get back to the xyWrite and xyW/PostScript index page ("overview"), download the zipped files the docs describe, and explore other resources.


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