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Software PostScript interpreters cure new-printer anxiety by printing tyf'd files to most laser, inkjet, and dm printers. All that's needed from xyWrite is a PS driver, any vintage.

Even if you have a PS printer, a software interpreter is valuable: The screen driver provides a true albeit uneditable per se graphical preview, enriching xyWrite 3+, and with the same fonts that print hard copy, a virtue in xyDos 4. Since PS is the global publishing industry standard, fonts are available for virtually every written language. XyWrite customability enables seamless integration.

!T1_TNT distills data from a Type 1 font's .AFM component or from a .PFA file to form a width table, and prepares all other necessary tables, etc. a xyWrite 3 PostScript driver--hardware or software PS, of course--needs for a new font. If you provide !T1_TNT with the name of your driver, !T1_TNT installs the tables. (The package includes data that will give anyone who wants to port it to xyWrite 4 a leg up.)

Digital type doesn't get any better than high-quality Type 1 fonts, but not all Type 1 fonts are high quality. Reputable foundries supply .AFM files with fonts. Absent an .AFM file, you'll need a software interpreter (e.g., GoScript or Ghostscript) and a [font].PFA file to run with David Clarke's PFA2WT.PS (included in !T1_TNT): If your software PS interpreter developer doesn't offer one, try PostScript guru Don Lancaster's PFB2PFA utility. (A search for PFB2PFA in September 2000 at Lancaster's site seemed to fail, and I was surprised to find it later as a text file in my browser's cache. Go figure.)

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