xyWrite and NotaBene PostScript good deal!
(But it's not forever ...)

LaserGo is offering xyWrite and NotaBene users an exclusive deep discount on its DOS software PostScript interpreter GoScript 32 for a limited time. Details at the NB site: Follow the Welcome page "Printer Driver Alternative" link. TTG expects the same information to be at its site in late June or early July 1997.

The best solution I know to the dilemma new printers present to all legacy apps is a software PostScript interpreter: Configure interpreter for your new laser, inkjet, or dot matrix printer (almost any), load xyWrite PS driver, TYF, invoke PS interpreter from CMline, and join the pros: PostScript is the global printing industry standard and you can use the PDL on your office printer, so whether xyWrite has a driver for your printer is just one issue. Software PS also gives xyWrite 3 a graphical preview and lets xyWrite 4 users willing to forego an editable preview shed Bitstream fonts.

If PostScript is the mystery techology to you that it is to most wintel users or you're unsure how it relates to xyWrite, you might take a look at the "old app/new printer blues" NAQ--answers to never-asked xyWrite+PostScript questions. The NAQ is included in !T1_TNT, a xyWrite 3 xpl PostScript Type 1 font engine (hardware or software PS of course) for use with new fonts. And if you already use PostScript, this set of bookmarks that includes PS resources may be of interest.

Note that TTG's and NB's cooperation in informing users of the offer is a gesture on the part of each developer to extend our options, not an implied endorsement of GS32. In my own experience, GS32 is stable, richly documented, and supported by a responsive developer, unlike self-styled not-for-the-faint-of-heart software PS freeware. A bargain at this special price.

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