A handful of freestanding xyW3 utilities that don't need !xyWise

Run #FIXCR to convert isolated carriage returns and linefeeds, if present in an imported file, to the combined <CR><LF> newline char used to end lines in DOS.
#CLC links kbd sequences to xpl to perform six operations involving caps/lower case:
* inserts a space and caps the preceding WORD
* Think Titles, Heds: makes a text block lc except for initial chars of most words longer than two chars
* caps A BLOCK
* makes a block lc
A couple of powerful dos CMline search/replace utilities are out there--the elusive SNR especially, and MiniTrue--that supplement xyW3's rather limited (compared to xyW4) search and s&r tools. But xyWrite makes many crossfile operations easy, including a crossfile change invisible--ci[a]. #EN, a xyW3 func EN front end for ci[a] and other crossfile operations that are minimally interactive, is a freestanding version of the !xyWiz pgm !EN (i.e., #EN doesn't require !xyWise).

To do a crossfile ci[a], clear the CMline and type and execute something like

run #EN c:\tmp\*.* ci _micrometers_microns_
run #EN c:\tmp\*.* cia USA U.S.A.
(Your path of course in all examples.) Two dedicated #EN modules convert carriage returns/linefeeds/newlines. To change all stray CRs and LFs in a group of files to standard dos newlines (mistakenly called carriage returns in xyW docs), the command would be:
run #EN c:\dl\*.dl cln
To convert newlines to linefeeds in a group of files:
run #EN c:\2unix\*.htm n2l
#EN does any other func EN task you can cook up, not just ci[a]s: Just add an appropriate procedure using the existing ones as models. E.g., to time-stamp all files in this subdir with the time now:
run #EN *.* t_s
Documentation explains how to add new procedures as the need arises. #EN lacks basic !xyWise support, but incorporates several !xyWise runtime library procedures. <top> / <overview>
If you download the xyWrite mailing list daily digest along with your other email and process it with xyW, this little filter that acts like a device that slams down the receiver on telemarketers before they intrude may interest you. #CUTCRAP can erase all msgs from subscribers who you feel just make noise, and msgs on mego topics from any subscriber while preserving msgs from the same subscriber on relevant topics. It stets the index, so you can see whose msgs got zapped. A fragment of my download mgr (too customized to offer publicly), #CUTCRAP acts only on xyDi msgs and lets stand non-digest msgs that mention topics you'd prefer to read about elsewhere if at all. <top> / <overview>

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