Clockwise, Pier 25 to about Worth Street and Broadway, to about Broadway and Rector Street, to Battery Park City, 23 September 2001 ... [photo]
photo: NOAA
Broadway and Rector Street define the eastern and southern boundaries of the frozen zone; the northern boundary for several weeks was Chambers Street (where a pedestrian bridge crosses West Street near top left), then was stair-stepped from Chambers and West down to Church Street--a block west of Broadway--and Barclay Street, a block north of Vesey Street. The tallest building draped in orange mesh is 1 Liberty Plaza; across Cortlandt Street is the draped Century 21 building. Across Dey Street from it is the Millenium [sic] Hotel, which is across Fulton Street from St. Paul's Chapel. Diagonally across Broadway and Vesey from the churchyard is the southern tip of City Hall Park. The barely visible building that comes to a point at the same intersection is the J&R computer outlet. Trinity Church is in the churchyard on Broadway at bottom right. East of the northeast corner of the boat basin, the barrel-like structure with holes in the roof is the Winter Garden.

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Photographed at an altitude of slightly under 3000 feet. For more information on this image, see Recommended Reading page.